Food Processing


Molding into delicious textures.

At 5P Creations, we have a separate team for graphic designing. We design brochures, catalogues, tri-folds, bi-folds, logos and packages. We also design standees, banners and posters. we are excellent at creating explainer videos for your company. 


Pushing retail market towards e-commerce.

If you are running a business then your image holds a great importance. here at 5P Creations, we take the responsibility to make your presence global. Our graphic designers translate your company message, services and product information by using eye-catching visuals.



Designing to build bridge amid infrastructure and economy.

Keeping pace with international standard and practices, 5PC uses the latest design tools to enhance engineering output. We have developed the skills to do detailed engineering using 3D modeling.



Engineering designs for the modern world

At 5P Creations we provide engineering services to aid and support companies with the complex questions & issues that arise in today's global supply chain environment.

Metal Industry

Designing to forge a lustrous world

We research and design products to help OEMs to make their product more sustainable and valuable in the market while ensuring the minimum risk of loss.

Mining Industry 

Designing to enhance the Assay


We provide the best design solution for the safety and productivity in Mining Industries. We perform mapping DTM,DEM, Volumetric analysis, GIS & CADD data development & maintenance.

Automobile Industry

Upgrading drivability to accelerate towards future

We provide Research & Development service and create number of solution for automobile industry that helps organization to save R&D costs and minimize the risk of loss.


We design to optimize the energy usage

At 5P Creations, we are designing new energy system across the globe in order to fight climate change by making sustainable, reliable and affordable energy possible.

"We design to make change, we design to create differences."

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