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We do product design which is concerned with the design of products to achieve the desired functionality, where functionality may involve a number of features, such as usage, safety, durability, aesthetics, and social and environmental issues. It is enclosed in the list of requirements that both pulls the design process and is impacted by the design process. The methodology developed starts with clarifying the initial list of requirements as many design methods do.

Product Designing

We at 5P creations embellish the product design for our clients. We always follow unique approach for developing a design. We do research, sketch, design, frame the ideas and then implement in the system. We do design simulation as well that help us to verify the contemplate function of a product under growth.

Animation 2D & 3D

At 5P Creations, we help clients to turn their ideas into reality, thanks to the talents of our experienced team. We can support any animated project through completion and offer the creative, technical and production capabilities to produce CG animation for feature films, television, commercial, video games and web. We provide professional 3D visualization, 3D animations, interactive presentation, multimedia presentation and custom software solutions.


Mechanical design & Engineering

We design everything from a steam turbine to a gaming console is conceived, designed by an engineer who understand design and its manufacturability. We include precision and machine design, product design and system.


Civil Structure & Architectural Design

As we know structural designing is hence crucial to construction projects as it directly impact the safety and durability of the structures . Here at 5P Creations we perform a through and detailed analysis of the structure with respect to the principle of structural design. This helps to insure that the new structure meets up all the necessary safety criteria and designing course. We follow all the design aesthetic so that structures can withstand its loads and pressures without leading to any misshapes.


Piping design & Engineering

We provide piping design & design & engineering services to variety of refinery, offshore, petrochemical, water, & industrial projects with efficient piping design services that meet international codes and standards. As a process piping designing company, we have proven track record of completing projects in stipulated time-frame that offered tremendous cost benefits.


Project Engineering & Management

We as a PEM play consequential roles in developing, executing, consigning a promising project. Our professionals apply their knowledge, skills and techniques to bring a project to fruition. We have capability to make impactfully changes an innovations that make us specific.


GIS & CADD data development & Maintenance

We provide GIS & CAD services with an all inclusive solutions for spatial data management to public & private sectors through GIS remote sensing services. At 5P Creations we offer AutoCAD conversion services using AutoCAD, ZWCAD, etc. to convert .tiff, .pdf etc. format & can deliver projects in fully editable multilayer CAD format. Our CAD services include large scale CAD drafting, contour maps, ground cadaster plans and utility distribution network maps.

Topographical & contour Survey

At 5P Creations we create 2D, 3D & 4D maps and measure distance, volume, stock-piles, etc. We provide the best solution for safety and productivity of the respective industry. We provide mapping, DTM, DEM, volumetric analysis, stock-pile analysis and close-up inspection. 


Graphic Designing

A design that compels, attracts & leaves an impact is what we believe to deliver at 5P Creations. We provide a  comprehensive range of design services for the industry verticals. We help to organize & materialize your requirements with compelling & functional designs. We infuse passion into every design crafted graphically through the latest graphic design techniques & tools.


Interior Designing

At 5P creations we create contemporary designs that are a true reflection of your life-style & personality. Our team of highly experienced designers have adopted a holistic approach to create remarkable homes that boast of sheer class. We custom design your interior by combining the details of your existing life-style & esthetic outlook and our vision. We provide you with striking and breath-taking designs.

"We design to make change, we design to create differences."

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